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Flowers are the quintessential Mother's Day gift, and online florists offer convenience and selection to the savvy shopper.

Tip #1 - Choose Your Florist

Ordering online can seem daunting at first, but choosing a local florist with an online presence will simplify the process. Local florists usually purchase their flowers from trusted distributors to ensure the freshest, most beautiful arrangements. They have a firm commitment to customer service and can be relied upon to work with you every step of the way to make your online experience the smoothest attainable.

Tip #2 – Know Your Options

Ordering online lets you see all your options up front. You can choose to send stems, which usually come wrapped in tissue in an impressive presentation box; or a bouquet in a vase, where you can often choose the size, material, and color of your vase. As for the flowers themselves, there are many exciting floral choices for Mother's Day. Traditionally, carnations have been the flower of choice since1908, but today's florists offer lovely creations in other popular flowers as well: roses, tulips, lilies, irises, and hydrangeas being some of the most popular.

Tip #3 - Change it Up

You don't have to go the predictable route with an online florist. Besides offering professional floral arrangements, many florists design gorgeous compositions of living plants and flowers that will be an accent in your mom's home or office for years to come. You can choose from dish gardens, which consist of several plants grouped together, or from single specimens, such as orchids, kalanchoes, azaleas, and more. Some florists offer add-ons to their arrangements, such as like candy or stuffed animals stuffed animals or candy, to allow you to further personalize your gift.

Tip #4 - Plan a Surprise

If your mom works, start her Mother's Day weekend off right by sending flowers to her place of business. You can have them arrive on the Wednesday or Thursday before Mother's Day so she can enjoy them at her office during the week and still have a beautiful display to appreciate on Mother's Day.


Tip #5 - Place Your Order Early

To make the most of online ordering, order your Mothers Day flowers in Durham early. You are more likely to find that the type and color of flowers you want are available if you plan ahead. Early ordering gives you more options in that the florists themselves aren't rushed and have plenty of time to assist you with choices, or even to suggest some unique arrangements to suit your particular needs.